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Circular loom's cause and treatment method of common malfunction

1, warp and weft broken, long joint, causing holes exclusion method cloth to void bolt joint cut elimination split wire factors, check the thread

2, the warp split line, resulting in adverse open weave, find the weak tension of warp, adjusting the tension pressure wire cloth hook holes

3, a special weak tension of the silk thread
(1), the wire is not put on the hook, the wire tension

(2), a pair of jump bar warp warp loom stop relaxation around each other

(3), the spring is not bad, the location is not correct

(4), warp line feeding too fast

(5) and send wire roller, or other parts of warp for the wire, insert pressure wire hook cut or removal of winding, re wiring to replace or repair the spring slow send wire roller speed correction threading position re threading overlap

(6), the warp thread chaos, mutual eight cross winding.

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