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Fire common sense

1, the characteristics of fire:

(1) burning fiercely, spread fast. In the workshop and the tunnel fire, easy to spread along the electric circuit and the ventilation pipe, the mine due to storage of flammable and explosive goods more, these materials once ignited, the fire was fierce, can form a large area of fire within a short period of time.

(2) the big fire casualties. In the workshop due to the complicated structure, evacuation channelnarrow winding, safety exit, is not conducive to the evacuation. Combustion will produce a large number of high-temperature toxic gas, easy to human poisoning, caused huge casualties.

(3) large economic loss. Warehouse, workshop due to a large number of materials and equipment, once the fire will cause huge economic losses.

(4) tackles the difficult. Because of the complexity of high buildings, high-rise building structure and the use of nature, combustible and concentrated, resulting in burning fast and fierce, andmodern equipment in the sound and effective, can not guarantee the effective and successfulfight in high-rise building fire.

2, the combustion must have three conditions, namely: fuel, combustion and ignition source.

3, the classification of fire:

The fire is divided into A, B, C, D four. A class is the solid material such as fire, wood, cotton,hemp, etc. The paper fire. The B class is a liquid fire and molten fire solids, such as gasoline,kerosene, oil, methanol, ethanol, paraffin, Li Qing fire. The C class is the fire gases, such asgas, natural gas, methane, ethane, propane, gas fire. The D class is a metal fire, such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, titanium, zirconium, aluminum lithium, fire.

4, including the basic measures to stop the fire:

(1) to control fuel, or non combustible materials instead of flammable or combustible.

(2) isolated from the air, the use of flammable material production should be closed equipment.

(3) remove the fire source.

(4) to prevent the fire from spreading, build a firewall between buildings, set up fire spacing,prevent fire expansion.

Methods: all 5, fire extinguishing measures, is to burn conditions has been generated or the combustion reaction disappeared, according to the material combustion theory and practical experience to fight the fire, there are four basic methods of the fire:

Cooling method: (1) reduce the combustion temperature, the temperature is lower than theignition, the combustion process to stop. For example, the use of fire water.

(2): reduce the amount of oxygen by asphyxia combustion region or the dilution air burning material, so that the flame is extinguished. For example, sand buried combustion, the use ofcarbon dioxide fire extinguishers to extinguish the fire.

(3) isolation of law: the combustion and non combustion isolation. Such as fire, flammable orcombustible nearby combustibles.

(4) inhibition method: let the fire extinguishing agent to participate in the combustion process,interrupt the chain reaction of combustion.

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